The appeal of astronomy is both intellectual and aesthetic; it combines the thrill of exploration and discovery, the fun of sight-seeing, and the sheer pleasure of firsthand acquaintance with incredibly wonderful and beautiful things. But it also offers the privilege, not to be taken lightly, of adding something to the knowledge and understanding of man.

- Robert Burnham, Jr.

Clear Skies Observing Guides

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A night under the stars with Clear Skies Observing Guides.

CSOG, short for Clear Skies Observing Guides is a free digital publication. The first to allow observers to target all deepsky objects and carbon stars in reach of telescopes up to 12 inches of aperture. CSOG contains almost fourteen thousand objects, including all Herschel objects, all DSO's in Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Arp, Hickson and many more. In essence, it is my observing plan.

CSOG is a combination of observing guides and software. The observing guides contain relevant object information and a description of the surrounding starfield. The guides are intended to primarily be used on a tablet, at the telescope's eyepiece. A DSS images is included for every object.
Matching tours for Meade's Autostar controllers, NexTours for Celestron's NexRemote, EQTours for use with EQMOD and Argo Navis User Catalogs allow GOTO telescope users to target thousands of objects with ease.
Matching AstroPlanner planfiles make planning of observations a breeze. CSOG allows observers to methodically target many objects, beyond the NGC & IC, off the beaten track.

Not a book, not a starchart

Books on amateur astronomy are as numerous as the stars, as are maps of the sky. CSOG is neither. It is a concept.
In CSOG the mechanics of the sky are not explained. There are no analyses of stellar spectra, nor are there endless tables filled with abbreviated object names, sorted only by right ascension. There are no sketches or esthetically pleasing but unuseful images. CSOG does not leave you guessing whether or not an object is in reach of your telescope. CSOG is all about the objects. It takes out the guesswork and will not leave you in the dark.

How CSOG stands out

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