AstroPlanner Planfiles

AstroPlanner planfile - 12" edition, constellation of Virgo

AstroPlanner is an unsurpassed astronomical planning, logging and telescope controlling application. AstroPlanner planfiles (the .apd files) as included in CSOG are cross-platform, working in both Windows and OS X. In fact, every file and feature of the application is.

Like the tours, the planfiles match the observing guides. One of the endless features of AstroPlanner is to easily determine what the best time to observe specific objects is. Using the planfiles in combination with the observing guides makes planning of observing sessions easier than ever before. In addition, AstroPlanner is an unbeatable platform for logging of your observations. Make sure you check the field of view tab, too.

The above are just a few of the many, many features AstroPlanner offers. The basic application is free, but registration is not expensive. The developer's customer service is second to none.

The planfiles contain columns named "Guide", "Sort" and "Nr.". Use of these columns to sort the planfiles ensures the object order is identical to the matching observing guides and tours.


Except for the Named Objects edition all observing guides have matching tours for use with different types of telescope controllers. There are tours for Meade's Autostar, NexTours for use with Celestron's NexRemote and EQTours for use with EQMOD. For Wildcard Innovation's Argo Navis controller there are Argo Navis User Catalogs. The tours' titles match those of the observing guides.

The tours, with the exception of the Argo Navis user catalogs, start with a bright star in the vicinity of the tour's objects. Use this star to synchronize on to improve your GOTO accuracy.

The tours do not make CSOG "GOTO-telescope-only": All CSOG objects include epoch J2000.0 coordinates. The coordinates can be plotted on almost any starchart. If your starchart does not include the object, simply plot the position and make your starhop. Once close to the object's position, the DSS image in the guide takes over. The DSS image will leave no doubt whether or not you found the targeted object.

Autostar Tours

Autostar Guided Tour menu
Autostar tour files
Autostar tour import
Autostar tour upload
Autostar tour selection: "Dor - OC-8"
Autostar tour title
Autostar tour synchronization star
Autostar synchronization
Autostar tour object
Autostar tour object
Autostar tour scrolling line

Autostar tours work with Meade's Autostar #497 and Autostar II & III controllers. The tours can be uploaded using Meade's Autostar Updater (ASU) software. You will need the required cable, the same one that is used to upgrade the software of either an Autostar #497 or II controller. They are widely available from telescope vendors. Autostar III controlled telescopes have a USB connection.

When it comes to using tours the biggest advantage of Autostar is the ability to upload the files to the controller. After the upload a computer connection is not required to use the tours.

Autostar controllers have a large database containing many objects. The complete NGC and IC catalogues and many named stars are included. These database objects can be used in Autostar tours. CSOG utilizes this possibility. However, quite a few objects in CSOG are not part of the Autostar database and are therefor added as user objects. Mixing Autostar database and user objects in tours causes a difference in the object coordinates' epoch. Database objects use the epoch of the Autostar controller. It is not known what exactly this "JAutostar" is. When user objects in epoch J2000.0 are added, this is cause for a coordinate inconsistency. User objects will be off by a little, compared to the objects in the controller's database.

Two types of Autostar tours are included in CSOG:

Use of the J2000.0 Tours is recommended. Regardless, do not hesitate to use Autostar's synchronization feature to improve GOTO accuracy.


NexRemote tour selection:  "Tau - Neb"
NexTour files
NexRemote tour "Tau - Neb" - Sync star
NexRemote tour "Tau - Neb" - first object
NexRemote tour "Tau - Neb" - first object
NexRemote menu: selecting the controller

NexRemote allows tours to be used with Celestron NexStar controlled telescopes. It is a Windows PC application. A suitable cable is required to link the NexStar controller to a computer. The tourfiles can be opened in NexRemote when placed in the application's "Tours" folder.
The application converts text to speech. Using a gaming controller, such as a Logitech Cordless Rumplepad the telescope can be controlled wirelessly. This allows control of the telescope without actually having to view a laptop screen.
Like the Autostar and EQTours all NexTours start with a synchronization star to use with the virtual controller's Sync feature. With an object selected, it's coordinates, object category and constellation are displayed when pressing the "INFO" button.
All object coordinates in the NexTours are epoch J2000.0.


EQTour tour selection:  "UMa - Gx-4"
EQTour files
EQTour "UMa - Gx-4" - Sync star
EQTour "UMa - Gx-4" - tour objects

Many telescopes can be controlled via EQMOD. It is a Windows PC application. A suitable cable is required to link your telescope to a computer. For example, this cable allows you to connect a SynScan controlled telescope.
A feature of EQMOD is EQTours. The tourfiles can be opened when placed in the "EQMOD - EQTOUR" folder. Like the Autostar and NexTours every EQTour starts with a synchronization star.
All object coordinates in the EQTours are epoch J2000.0.

Argo Navis User Catalogs

Wilcard Innovation's Argo Navis controller

Wildcard Innovation's Argo Navis controller allows tours to be created from objects in its database. User catalogs bring all CSOG objects to the controller. As creation of actual tours differs from other controllers, the user catalogs do not contain a bright star for synchronization.


CSOG Tours are available for the abovementioned controllers and software. More may be added in the future for different types of controllers. Please contact me if you know of a controller or telescope control system that allows uploading of tours or object lists. Please do keep in mind that many, if not most CSOG tours contain objects that are not part of the standard database of many controllers and applications. A "user object" option must be present.